Corporate Creative Responsibility


School mask mandates are missing the point and the message students need to learn.

“Attempts to enforce mask mandates that do not protect the individual students, teachers, staff and public servants are fundamentally flawed.  Masks in schools are poised to become the new lead pencil.”

Corporate Creative Responsibility


It’s what brought me here. I was first gifted the tools to log content onto the Web as a political campaign blog in defense of privacy, then turned to donate the tools to empower candidates, veteran service organizations, minority groups, build industry and have even bartered sites for food and used the blog to defend my family, my rights and my freedom.

In all my previous experience, I was blogging with consideration of my kids, my extended team, our trust, their consent, the interests of platform owners or expressing a voice for others, redacting information harmful to others, avoiding self and other promotions. Here, now, I don’t have to censor myself for someone else.

Over the years I’ve grudgingly adopted social media accounts to support the nonprofits we love–But I rarely post there. I try not to closely associate with those and that which avoid, deny or fail to be responsible. Facebook’s social media pimp life is void of social, civic, political and personal responsibility. This is in large part due to its understated shifty foundation built on turds. It is a cess pool and a breeding ground for morons who think just because all life matters everywhere, all opinions must too.

The need to organize with parents for the benefit of my kids and other students brought me to the sewer to post an update and a question regarding our efforts for the public school opening plan.

Unfortunately for the perpetrators, I was censored. I posted an update and a question which started a comment thread to which other discerning parents, former board members and resident ass lickers contributed. The degenerates deleted it. So I will be posting my content here before sharing it anywhere to ensure free speech and avoid censorship.

Over the years I’ve learned to whirl up servers and website networks, setup security certificates, manage DNS, build content, troubleshoot sites and play with sql tables so that I didn’t have to rely on someone else to publish online for the persons, positions and others I care about. I’ll be publishing here, where only I am taking responsibility for the content. I am, however, not responsible for your interpretation, understanding, misunderstanding, lack of knowledge or information, physical, mental, genetic, biological, technical or other failures.

Censorship is War by Tara Sue